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Coed Leagues

: league champion   : league runner-up   
Coed Low League (Fri) F3[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Angels (coed) 6-2-0 0.7501266363L1
2Duke City Jokers (Coed) 6-2-0 0.7501408357W1
3Bad Company 6-2-0 0.7501277156W2
4Misfits 4-4-0 0.50089110-21W2
5Catch 22 2-6-0 0.25068124-56L3
6United We Stand 0-8-0 0.00036135-99L8
Coed Low League (Mon) F1[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1A R Ballers 5-3-0 0.6251061033W3
2I'd Hit It 4-4-0 0.50012711611L1
3Biscuits & Gravy 4-4-0 0.50012211111L1
4Beer Takers 4-4-0 0.50092920L2
5Hit It And Quit It 3-5-0 0.375106131-25W1
Coed Low League (Sun) F4[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Cold Heat 6-1-1 0.8121185860W1
2First Financial Credit Union 6-2-0 0.7501407466W4
3Leaguers 5-2-1 0.6881276166W1
4No Glove No Love (Coed) 4-4-0 0.5001111083W1
5Bernalillo Academy 2-6-0 0.25072144-72L2
6Shockers (coed-a) 0-8-0 0.00028151-123L8
Coed Low League (Sun) F5[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Damage Inc. 7-1-0 0.87516735132W1
2Maxed Out 7-1-0 0.8751276463W5
3Full Throtle (coed) 4-4-0 0.50074125-51W2
4Pitchez B Crazy (coed) 3-5-0 0.37572107-35W1
5Emcore 2-6-0 0.2506989-20L2
6The Pacemakers 1-7-0 0.12529118-89L5
Coed Low League (Sun) F6[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Remixed 7-1-0 0.8751397267W2
2Wicked Coed 7-1-0 0.8751499257W7
3Moose Goosers 5-3-0 0.6251068422L1
4Zia (coed) 4-4-0 0.5001061006L3
5Ram Squad 3-5-0 0.3758893-5W2
6DC Warriors 3-5-0 0.37594106-12W2
7I'd Hit That (coed) 3-5-0 0.3757998-19L1
8Cochino Nasties 0-8-0 0.00045161-116L8
Coed Low League (Wed) F2[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Ace Eagles 8-0-0 1.00015448106W8
2Zia (men Thr) 6-2-0 0.7501108723W4
33 Up 3 Down (Coed) 4-4-0 0.5001569462L4
4Chaos 2-6-0 0.25068173-105W1
5Drillers 0-8-0 0.00047133-86L8
Coed Upper League (Sun) E1[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Got Heem 7-1-0 0.8751176948W1
2Abq. Caliente 6-2-0 0.7501265967W1
3Nice Snatch 5-3-0 0.62514310934W2
4Library Swingers 4-4-0 0.5007982-3L1
5In A Pickle 2-6-0 0.25070109-39L1
6Balls N Curves 0-8-0 0.00044151-107L8

Mens Leagues

: league champion   : league runner-up   
Mens D League (Mon) A1[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Sandlot Boyz 7-1-0 0.87515610155W4
2Gorilla Ball 7-1-0 0.87519315538W6
3Baptism By Fire 4-4-0 0.50014411925L1
4Abq. Havoc 2-6-0 0.250107130-23L6
5Misfits (men D) 0-8-0 0.00068163-95L8
Mens D League (Thr) A3[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Goon Squad 7-1-0 0.8751416774W3
2Atomic Shots 6-2-0 0.75015110843W2
3The Franchise 5-3-0 0.62513910732L1
4Untouchables 2-6-0 0.250121182-61L2
5Big League Chew 0-8-0 0.00081169-88L8
Mens D League (Wed) A2[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Sandlot Boyz 8-0-0 1.00019310984W8
2Goodfellas 5-3-0 0.62516511550W1
3Deez Nuts 5-3-0 0.62515312231W2
4El-Tri 2-6-0 0.250130154-24L2
5Chet Steadman & the Stinky Che 0-8-0 0.00050191-141L8
Mens E League (Fri) C2[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Old School (men`s) 6-2-0 0.7501468858W3
2Connectors 6-2-0 0.75013010723W2
3Burque Diablos 5-3-0 0.62514712126W1
4Abq. Wrecking Crew 4-4-0 0.5001277651L4
5TNT A`s 3-5-0 0.37589132-43W1
6We'd Hit That 2-6-0 0.25067109-42L2
7Dirty Balls 2-6-0 0.25085158-73L1
Mens E League (Fri) C3[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Delincuentes 6-2-0 0.75014710938L2
2CL Frosty 6-2-0 0.75016313429W3
3Beerito Slammers 5-3-0 0.62514512520W4
4Vu Du 4-4-0 0.5001461379L2
5Silverbacks 1 3-5-0 0.375139144-5W1
6Goodwood 3-5-0 0.375105125-20W2
7WTF 1-7-0 0.12585156-71L2
Mens E League (Mon) B1[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Angels A 7-1-0 0.8751579364W5
2Revolution l 7-1-0 0.8751377463W4
3War Pigs 1 5-3-0 0.6251369838L2
4Arsenal 3-5-0 0.375119129-10W1
5G-Squad 1-6-1 0.18872111-39W1
6Amistad Cristiana Church 0-7-1 0.06228144-116L6
Mens E League (Mon) B2[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Sumco One Short 7-1-0 0.87514311330W1
2Haptic 7-1-0 0.8751249430W6
3Dirt Bags 4-4-0 0.50016114021W3
4The Cable Guys (men E) 3-5-0 0.375103107-4L3
5Abq. Heat 2-5-1 0.3126088-28T1
6R&P Dirty Dukes 0-7-1 0.062049-49T1
Mens E League (Thr) B8[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Duke City Dent 7-1-0 0.87515610749W4
2Cold Softball 6-1-1 0.8121274681W1
3Kays Stools & Dinnets 6-1-1 0.8121408258T1
4Zia (men Thr) 3-5-0 0.37590104-14W1
5Rookies 1-7-0 0.12578159-81L2
6Grumpy Old Men 0-8-0 0.00071164-93L8
Mens E League (Thr) B9[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Epic 7-1-0 0.87517810672W5
2Incredibles 7-1-0 0.87516612145W2
3Pipelayers 4-4-0 0.500122124-2L3
43 Up 3 Down (men`s) 3-5-0 0.37599122-23L2
5Xfinity 2-6-0 0.250103146-43W1
6Scared Hitless 1-7-0 0.125125174-49W1
Mens E League (Thr) C1[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Three Toed Ninjas 8-0-0 1.00015752105W8
2Redrum 7-1-0 0.87518213547W2
3Good Wood 5-3-0 0.62516411549L1
4Bad Company 4-4-0 0.5001261188W1
5Dukes 2-6-0 0.25093145-52L5
6Mariachi Softball 1-7-0 0.12593163-70L3
7Warning Track Power 1-7-0 0.12576163-87W1
Mens E League (Tue) B3[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Sticks & Stones 7-1-0 0.8751247846L1
2On Tap 6-2-0 0.75013710334W1
3All Night Long 5-3-0 0.62514810048W4
4Jewell`s Mechanical 2-6-0 0.250123154-31L1
5Dog Pound 0-8-0 0.00074171-97L8
Mens E League (Tue) B4[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Bombers 7-1-0 0.87515010248W4
2HC ll 4-4-0 0.5001571534W1
3M V D Now 4-4-0 0.5001471470W2
4The Protectors 3-5-0 0.375127172-45L4
5Lizards 2-6-0 0.250146153-7L5
Mens E League (Wed) B5[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Stupid Donkeys 6-2-0 0.7501509753W5
2Bandits 6-2-0 0.7501065551W1
3Maloy Mobile Storage 5-3-0 0.6251299732W2
4Hign Fidelity 3-5-0 0.37592141-49W1
5Roys Boys 0-8-0 0.00034121-87L8
Mens E League (Wed) B6[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Team Tribe 7-1-0 0.87519011179W5
2Beer Takers 6-2-0 0.75014811236L2
3Los Muertos 4-4-0 0.500138155-17L1
4NM Fury 3-5-0 0.37512711611W2
5Sacrifice 0-8-0 0.00056165-109L8
Mens E League (Wed) B7[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Revolution l 7-1-0 0.8751618378W1
2Mala 7-1-0 0.87516411351W7
3Under the Influence 3-5-0 0.375139143-4W2
4Smackin Pitches (Men`s) 2-6-0 0.25086166-80L6
5G-Squad 1-7-0 0.12586131-45L2

Womens Leagues

: league champion   : league runner-up   
Womens Women's D League (Thr) D1[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1Dirty Girls 6-2-0 0.7501267056W1
2Hot Tamales 4-4-0 0.50086106-20W1
33 Up 3 Down (Women`s) 3-5-0 0.37596104-8W1
4BM-Beast Mode 3-5-0 0.375107135-28L1
Womens Women's E League (Thr) D4[schedule]
rkteam name [t#]W-L-T %RFRADiffstk
1No LLoren 6-2-0 0.7501175958W1
2Legion Of Doom 6-2-0 0.7501196851W4
3Lady Injuns 5-2-0 0.7141396673W2
4Bite Me 4-4-0 0.50077114-37W1
5No Glove No Love 1-6-0 0.1437099-29L3
6Silver Gloves 1-7-0 0.12545161-116L6

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